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2012 Married 25 years

2012 Married 25 years

Still in LOVE with the Man I married June 20th, 1987

How to Make a Gingerbread House!


s.1995 FDA Medical Device Patient Act Contact Congressman


After X-ray of Bilateral Hip Replacement Implants

The Bionic Women!

The Bionic Women!

I will be posting some of my routine physical therapy clips from Physical Therapy of Flower Mound www.ptflowermound.com. Tony Michels, PT, DPT, OCS is the director of Physical Therapy of Flower Mound and one of the owners of Therapy Partners of North Texas.

I am happy to be treated by the Best in Flower Mound! Tony is working with me on strengthening and gait training aka my limp that makes me walk like a duck! 1 of my goals is to walk without a limp.

Today I visited my neuro surgeon who ordered an Mri both the physical therapist and Doctor are looking for the numbness and burning down my right leg and foot with some Left leg numbness.


Before Xrays showing Hips

Tony Michels, PT, DPT, OCS, Owner Physical Therapy of Flower Mound Texas is working with me on my goals of walking LIMP FREE! No more waddling like a Duck! Quack Quack!

1 month after surgery I am beginning a workout routine.
Monday and Wednesday physical therapy was brutal this week.
I worked out for about 2.5 hrs each time. Starting with the bike, then leg march’s standing and stretches. I did not have a chance to get someone to assist and video so next week I will bring the tri pod and update the website.

Lunch at McAlisters in Highland Village

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